How can ecommerce take advantage of Pokémon Go fever?

How can ecommerce take advantage of Pokémon Go fever?


Pokémon Go

Have you noticed that many people walk looking at their smartphones? No, they are not trying to answer urgent emails or being beleaguered by Whatsapp, they are hunting Pokémon. A game, Pokémon Go, which has come to engage in the generation that dreamed of becoming the best Pokémon trainer after carefully follow the adventures of Ash in his childhood. It is a fashion that ecommerce can’t ignore and the webmaster of Gospaces or Shopify stores can’t forget.

Pokemon Go, a Marketing Tool for Establishments of the cities

Undoubtedly, owners of establishments in the city streets are benefiting from these hordes of players. So if you have not played, we explain that in cities there are points where to get the weirdest Pokémon or, for example, go to the gym to participate in the fighting and get more for your team Pokémon team.

Obviously, bars and restaurants located near these places will have more people walking past your establishment. But if it is not your case, you can also take advantage of Pokémon Go thanks to the help of the game: you can buy potions that will attract bugs to your business for a limited time.

If you have a local business, benefit of fashion and even more, if you are oriented at a young audience until 40 years (nostalgic are the most downloaded application and play with them). In this way, more people will come to your business to hunt Pokémon and even, maybe, they become customers.

Advertise in your RRSS and Pokémon website that have been close to your business.

Get positions to attract Pokémon to your business.

Join one of the teams of Pokémon Go (Instinct Team, Mystic Team, or Value Team).

Offer your local as hangouts center for players (many come together to play and walk around the city together).

Help Pokemon Go users to continue enjoying the game: offer consumers free Wi-Fi, put USB to they can charge their battery.

The best advice we can give in this regard is that you download the game and see their possibilities and thus learn to know what players need to enjoy the game on your site.

What if I have an Online store? Can I take advantage of Pokémon Go fever?

Of course, if you work in local and online, or simply through the web, you can take advantage of the promotional tools that are associated with Pokémon Go.

Many entrepreneurs have based their business on creating online stores on platforms like Shopify or Gospaces. Thanks to them, we just have to design a good online store, with good user experience and benefit the advantages of these platforms already preinstalled: secure payment, procurement statistics, simple interface backoffice?

Certainly, remember the target of your store: not everyone is playing Pokémon Go. You should think about whether those who buy there also would play, and looks good marketing actions related to the game, to see if they are giving the expected results.

Pokémon Go

Some actions that can be performed are:

Promotions to players: You can make special promotions to people who are playing Pokémon Go. For example, you can offer a discount for those who have captured a strange Pokémon or have a certain game level. Be creative, because, surely, other competitive e-commerce also will take advantage of this trend.

Spread the message: promotions do not help if you’re not spreading the word. In addition, publishing something about Pokémon Go today on your social networks or blog also will help you outrank them in position.

Encourage people to leave you their mail: so you can expand your database, preparing for the future and for Inbound Marketing tools that you are using.

But Pokémon Go is not just a marketing tool, it is a reminder that the future is already here. Despite the Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality are concepts that have been handled since recent time, the popularization of Pokémon Go serves as the best explanation for users about all the possibilities this offers.

For that reason, get to work on improving your online store thanks to VR tools. Make 3D models of your products to consumers can see them in all their dimensions. Thus, you should allow complete customization of your products, so your customers will know if that is the product they are really looking for. In short, you take advantage of VR for your online store.

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