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Why we’ve had success?

We are three SEO specialists with a combined 30 years of search expertise, working for high traffic websites in the Adult and e-commerce space. We have dedicated years trying to understand Google's algorithm; in a continuous cycle of testing, implementing and adjusting best SEO practices. Over that time, we started to notice that certain SEO techniques worked well and gave us advantages over the competition. We have then started using those best practices on a select group of clients.
We provide consulting to websites, aiding in different SEO aspects; from search traffic growth to helping recover from Google penalties and negative SEO initiatives. We don't speculate on what Google search is doing, we know it inside-out.


Here is what we don’t do:

- We don’t help spam search results.
- We don’t promise top search ranking.
- We don’t disclose client information. We believe in full confidentially.
- We don’t do special pricing.

What we do is offer SEO Consulting services by gathering relevant information on available data and apply our unique SEO practices from years of experience. We discover new organic search segments for your niche. We identify low-hanging fruit that your business can capitalize on.

We work for you and for your clients.

Our clients are who recommend us and we want you to be part of this group.
1. Do you need a full website audit in order to assess your current SEO?
2. Have you received a penalty from Google?
3. Are you not meeting your expectations in terms of SERP positions?
4. You want to perform an in-depth SEO Competitive Analysis?
5. Has the last Google algorithm update affected your website?
6. Are you migrating your website or your content to a new site?

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Francisco Leon

Francisco Leon

Francisco Leon has more than 10 years of experience in the SEO industry. Francisco has worked at and consulted on large websites in the Ecommerce, Adult, Real Estate and Gambling industries.

Francisco excels in website audits, competitive analysis, On-Page optimization, as well as content development.

Francisco has been published on big media publications such as Forbes and the Huffington Post; and has been a guest speaker at digital marketing events such as Ungagged and SEonTheBeach.

kevin Reis

Kevin Reis

Kevin Reis has more than 7 years of experience in digital marketing. Kevin has spent a good part of that time, specializing in Off-Page SEO. Performing backlink audits, identifying new growth segments through keyword research, overseeing marketing outreach campaigns, tracking user habits and applying new growth strategies through A/B testing.

Kevin has worked with some of the biggest websites in the Ecommerce and Adult space; such as Shopify, Mofos, and Realitty Kings.

Kevin is speaks English, French and Portuguese and has experience with international SEO having grown websites in different countries, such as

Joey Renda

Joey Renda

Joey Renda has more than 13 years of experience in website optimization, specializing in OnPage SEO. Having worked with brands like PlayBoy, and Shopify, he has the innate ability to find new growth segments and has become the lead SEO for any growth hacking needs.

He is currently the Lead SEO at Shopify and is proficient in all areas of digital marketing; SEM, SEO, ASO, CRO, Social Media and PPC. Joey has become prolific at developing unique tools to help achieve our SEO goals, from automation tools to SERPS monitors.

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